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Searching for a bond (Treasury Hunt®)

What is Treasury Hunt?

Treasury Hunt is our online search tool for finding matured savings bonds or missing interest.

Use to see if

you or a loved one who died had savings bonds or other Treasury securities that are no longer earning interest but have never been cashed

you are missing interest or other payments on HH savings bonds or other Treasury securities

you are missing payments for securities in a Legacy Treasury Direct account

How do I use Treasury Hunt?

You put in just a few pieces of information: Social Security Number; State.

You'll see dots for the Social Security Number to protect your privacy.

What if I get a match?

If the search finds bonds or other securities that match your information, you'll get instructions on what to do next.

(Under the Privacy Act of 1974, if you are not the owner or co-owner of a bond or other Treasury security, we are limited in what we can tell you.)

What if nothing matches?

Try again later. We update the data every month.