Treasury Hunt®

Treasury Hunt is our online search engine for finding matured, uncashed savings bonds (over 30 years old and no longer earning interest). You can also find missing payments on other securities. Your search could show:

  • Matured savings bonds or Treasury notes that no longer earn interest
  • Missing payments on series H or HH savings bonds, or
  • Missing payments for securities held in Legacy Treasury Direct

With a few simple, quick steps, Treasury Hunt may reconnect you with forgotten or missing money that you can use for whatever you need, such as:

  • Helping pay for college expenses,
  • Contributing toward a down payment on a home or automobile, or
  • Reinvesting in another investment that puts your money back to work for you

Treasury Hunt requires you to enter a few pieces of information into an encrypted form. Results return immediately, and if any are potential matches, you’ll get more instructions. If your search is unsuccessful, please try again in the future. Treasury Hunt adds newly matured securities and undeliverable payments each month.

Keep in mind:

  • Under the Privacy Act of 1974, if you are not the owner or co-owner of a security  we are limited in the information we can provide
  • Use the buttons and links provided on each page
  • Don’t use your browser to navigate (including the back, forward, and refresh buttons), because that will end your session
  • Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your web browser

Matured Unredeemed Debt (MUD) Report

Report on the Redemption of Savings Bonds: Response to Executive Order 13968 of December 18, 2020