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Treasury Managed Accounts

Treasury manages many financial accounts for federal government agencies. There are 77 Treasury Managed Accounts. These accounts are specific in purpose and consist of deposit funds, receipt accounts, and appropriated accounts.

These three accounts are relevant to this section of the website. On the linked pages, you can see which situation each web page explains as well as the amounts in the relevant accounts for each agency.

Each agency is responsible for reviewing the reports on the three linked pages every quarter and confirming to us (the Bureau of the Fiscal Service) that the information in our reports is accurate.

Each web page also tells your agency how to reimburse the appropriate Treasury account.

Report of receivables from contract disputes

Report of receivables from the No FEAR Act

Report of unclaimed money

Fiscal Service has no data on unclaimed moneys owed to individuals. Information on this page is aggregate data supplied to Fiscal Service from government agencies and is posted here so government agencies can review this information.

For more information on unclaimed moneys see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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