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Frauds, Phonies, & Scams

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service and the U.S.Treasury are aware of several fraudulent schemes or scams that involve what are claimed to be securities issued or backed by the Treasury Department or another part of the United States Government. These scams have been directed at banks, charities, companies, and even individuals, by individuals or organizations seeking payment on the fraudulent securities. These pages will alert you to these scams and help you protect yourself. Select from the links below to learn more.

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How Marketable Treasury Securities Work
Learn about the types of securities, how they are sold, and how book-entry securities are held.

Scams Involving Treasury Securities
Find out more about the renting, leasing, or blocking of Treasury securities

Examples of Known Phony Securities
See examples of phony securities and learn more about the scams.

Historical Bond Fraud
Learn about the many scams involving historical bonds.

Prime Bank Instrument Fraud
Find out about the different types of fraud, and important buzzwords and red flags to watch for. Also, get links for investigative help.

How to Protect Yourself from Investment Scams

Other Fraud Sites of Interest
Links to resources that will help you protect yourself from fraud.

Prohibition Against Misuse of Treasury Names, Terms, Symbols, Stationery, Etc.
See examples of illegal solicitous mailings made to appear like official federal government communication.

Bogus Sight Drafts/Bills of Exchange Drawn on the Treasury

Birth Certificate Bonds
Read about the scam involving birth certificates and savings bonds.

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