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How to Read the SLGS Daily Rate Table

If you're having trouble reading the SLGS Daily Rate Table, this page should help you.

The SLGS Daily Rate Table includes interest rates for securities with a maturity of one month up to 40 years.

The SLGS Daily Rate Table is calculated by the Department of the Treasury each federal business day and published by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service by 10:00 a.m. ET.

Below is a partial SLGS Daily Rate Table, dated September 16, 2013.

SLGS TABLE FOR USE ON September 16, 2013

Demand Deposit Rate

Annualized Effective Rate Daily Factor
0.01% 0.000000274

For Demand Deposit securities, the interest rate is based on an adjustment of the average yield in the most recent auction of 13-week Treasury bills. The demand rate is a daily rate and is reset each day for outstanding Demand Deposit securities. As you can see, the Demand Deposit rate covers all Demand Deposit securities issued, regardless of the redemption date.

Time Deposit Rate

00 - 01 ONLY 0.00%
00 - 02 ONLY 0.00%
00 - 03 ONLY 0.00%
00 - 04 ONLY 0.00%
00 - 05 ONLY 0.01%
00 - 06 ONLY 0.01%
00 - 07 ONLY 0.02%
00 - 08 ONLY 0.03%
00 - 09 ONLY 0.05%
00 - 10 ONLY 0.07%
00 - 11 ONLY 0.09%
01 - 00 ONLY 0.11%
01 - 01 ONLY 0.13%



For Time Deposit securities, the interest rate earned is one basis point below the current Treasury borrowing rate for a security of comparable maturity. For Time Deposit securities, you must know the security's life (i.e., term) to find your maximum allowable rate.

The column headings From and Through refer to the security’s life. If the security’s life is more than one time increment, but not quite the next increment, use the shorter term. For example, if the security will be held for 65 days, you would use the 00-02 (two month) rate, not the 00-03 (three month) rate. For instance, if you have a security that is issued September 30, 2013, and matures September 30, 2014, then the security's life is exactly 1 year.

In this example, the security's term is 01-00 (meaning one year, zero months). So, for this security, the maximum interest rate available is 0.11%.You may also choose any interest rate from 0% to 0.11% for your security. You are not required to accept the maximum allowable rate, but you cannot choose an interest rate higher than the maximum allowable rate. See a more detailed interpretation of the SLGS Daily Rate Table's From and Through columns.