Treasury Bond Calls

For certain bonds issued before 1985, the U.S. Treasury reserved the right to stop paying interest before the bonds matured. When the Treasury "called" a bond, the bond stopped paying interest on the date of the call, before the maturity date.

The final bond call occurred in 2009.  No more bonds are eligible to be called.

List of called bonds

Redeeming a Called Bond

If you hold a called bond in paper form, you still can redeem it.  The process depends on whether the bond is a bearer bond or registered bond.

Bearer bonds:

  • Send them to us by insured registered mail, with Coupons 51-60 attached.
  • Include a letter providing payment instructions and the address where the redemption check should be mailed.
  • Include a completed IRS Form W-9

NOTE: If Coupons 51-60 aren’t attached to your bond, contact us at the address below or by calling 844-284-2676 (toll free).

Registered bonds:

The principal is paid to the registered owner or assignee on presentation of the security to us. We recommend you use registered mail.

If you want your redemption check issued...

  • the same name(s) as the registration, leave the assignment area on the back of the bond blank.
  • a different name from the one on the registration, assign the security by entering the name(s) and address on the "assignee line." Your must sign in the presence of an authorized certifying officer at a bank or other financial institution.

About interest: On the call date, we paid the final interest due. We paid the owner of record as of one month prior to the call.

Mailing and Shipping Addresses


Treasury Retail Securities Services
P.O. Box 9150
Minneapolis, MN 55480-9150


Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
90 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Called Bonds in TreasuryDirect or Legacy Treasury Direct*

If you  held a called bond in TreasuryDirect, we paid the principal and final interest.  We made the payment on the call date, depositing funds into the account you designated.

If you held a called bond in Legacy Treasury Direct, we paid the final interest and, according to your request, either reinvested the principal or paid it to you.  We made payments on the call date, depositing funds into the account you designated.

Called Bonds

(Listed in reverse order)

Call Date Term CUSIP Interest Rate
November 15, 2009 30 years 912810DN5 11.750%
August 15, 2009 30 years 912810DL9 12.500%
May 15, 2009 30 years 912810DJ4 13.250%
August 15, 2008 30 years 912810DF2 12.000%
November 15, 2007 30 years 912810DB1 10.375%
November 15, 2006 30 years 912810CY2 14.000%
May 15, 2006 30 years 912810CV8 13.875%
November 15, 2005 30 years 912810CS5 12.750%
May 15, 2005 30 years 912810CP1 10.000%
February 15, 2005 30 years 912810CM8 11.750%
November 15, 2004 30 years 912810CK2 10.375%
May 15, 2004 30 years 912810CG1 9.125%
November 15, 2003 30 years 912810CE6 8.750%
August 15, 2003 30 years 912810CC0 8.375%
November 15, 2002 30 years 912810BZ0 7.875%
February 15, 2002 30 years 912810BX5 7.625%
May 15, 2000 30 years 912810BU1 8.250%

*Legacy Treasury Direct is being phased out.