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Treasury Managed Accounts Reports

No FEAR Act Receivables

The receipt account, 020 3112000, Reimbursements from Federal Agencies for Payments made as the Result of Discriminatory Conduct is a Treasury Managed Account. The account balances below are identified by agency. The balances are to be reviewed by federal agencies and confirmed to the Department of Treasury, Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) on a quarterly basis.


All payments made from the Judgment Fund that are considered to be covered under the Notification and Federal Employees Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002 (No FEAR Act) are fully reimbursable by the agency. The receivable (1310) balance of 020 3112000 represents these unreimbursed payments.

5 CFR 724 - Implementation of Title II of the Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002-Judgment Fund

Agency Responsibility:

On a quarterly basis, Fiscal Service posts the 020 3112000 outstanding receivable and revenue balances by agency to this website. Agencies have 25 days from the end of the quarter to respond to Fiscal Service via e-mail regarding the accuracy of the amounts recorded by Fiscal Service. The agency must provide support documentation (IPACs, cancelled checks, etc.) for any changes they want made to the posted balances.

Due to the time constraints of year end, the September 30th confirmations are due by approximately October 17th.

Non-Compliant Website:

On an annual basis, Fiscal Service is required to post a listing of all agencies that are considered to be noncompliant and the dollar amount of their noncompliance. According to current OPM No FEAR regulations, an agency is noncompliant if they do not reimburse the Judgment Fund or provide a written payment plan to Fiscal Service within 45 business days of notice.

View the Non-Compliant Agency Report.

Reimbursement Information:

Reimbursements should be sent via IPAC to ALC 20180002. Please use 020 3112000 in the 'Receiver Treasury Account Symbol' field and 'COLUVRCT' (Collection to an Unavailable Receipt Account) in the 'Receiver BETC' field. The Payment number and Control number of the claim must be included on the IPAC.

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No FEAR Act Balances

Partner Code
Agency Name 131000 Balance
as of 6/30/2022
590000 Balance
as of 6/30/2022
017 Department of the Navy 3,000.00* (171,000.00)*
021 Department of the Army 9,800.00 (144,800.00)
057 Department of the Air Force 343,546.47 (114,546.47)
096 Corps of Engineers, Civil 50,000.00 (98,250.00)
097 Other Defense Agencies 15,500.00 (5,500.00)
Total Defense 421,846.47 (534,096.47)
012 Department of Agriculture 277,000.00 (1,204,500.00)
013 Department of Commerce 90,000.00 (115,000.00)
014 Department of the Interior 0.00 (15,000.00)
015 Department of Justice 858,041.46 (1,223,500.00)
016 Department of Labor 0.00 (125,000.00)
019 Department of State 60,000.00 (642,000.00)
020 Department of Treasury 90,000.00 (90,000.00)
027 Federal Communications Commission 150,000.00 (150,000.00)
028 Social Security Administration 20,000.00 (235,000.00)
036 Department of Veterans Affairs 295,000.00 (2,528,129.62)
045 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 418,883.00 (418,883.00)
049 National Science Foundation 0.00 (10,000.00)
068 Environmental Protection Agency 200,000.00 (237,500.00)
069 Department of Transportation 0.00 (87,500.00)
070 Department of Homeland Security 185,000.00 (648,000.00)
075 Department of Health and Human Services 0.00 (825,000.00)
080 National Aeronautics and Space 0.00 (1,000.00)
086 Housing & Urban Development 83,500.00 (83,500.00)
089 Department of Energy 0.00 (50,000.00)
090 Selective Service System 150,000.00 (150,000.00)
514 Agency for Global Media 0.00 (145,000.00)

* includes $1,500.00 duplicate receivable. Adjustment will be reflected 4Q FY22.